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I think tool making is a super important part of jewelry making for me.

I was taught tool modification and tool restoration from day one, and have continued to learn it from each of my teachers.

From weekend workshops, to one week classes, to new jobs.

For me I know tool making clicked, and it's part of what I enjoy about working at the bench. I often buy old machines that need refurbishment, and buy cheaper tools I know I can change or adjust to my needs.

We set heavy bezels here and it's also what we teach Marquis Jewelry Academy, heavy bezels are 1mm+ thick bezel walls that need to be set with a punch and a chasing hammer vs a roller. You'll often see me using these punches in my videos.

They're hand made from ten penny nails and have various faces to get the job done. My favorite is a mini made from a broken bur, it's only about an inch and change long, but it's perfect for getting into the right spaces, it can be used by hand or I can mount it into my  quick change or my hammer hand piece adapter. Depending on the task.

We have had a lot of people ask if they can buy a punch, so we've decided to offer a set of a 5. Comprised of Large, regular and mini round punches, a rectangle, and a textured round.

If you want to make your own, check out the instagram @marquisjewelryacademy for directions how and links to the tools you'll need!

Heavy Bezel Punch Kit

  • You'll receive 5 steel tools, a how-to card, and sticker(s)

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